Forest Garden

Forest Garden

PLANT ARRANGEMENT: A mix of tall and short live pines.   Assorted live plants and preserved botanic accents will be chosen to complement the forest theme.

LIGHT REQUIREMENT: Medium – best near an east window or filtered south window.

OVERALL DIMENSIONS: approx. 8″ht x 13″diam.

DECORATIVE CONTAINER AS PICTURED: 13″diam x 5″ht.  Material: lightweight, weathered concrete. Substitutions may be necessary based on availability. 

WATER: Keep your Forest Garden evenly moist but not too wet. It’s okay to let the pine tree go a little on the dry side but don’t let the understory plants get too dry.

CARE TIPS: Mist your garden once weekly with a light mixture of dish soap and water.

Multiple Deliveries: For deliveries to multiple locations please contact

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