Anthurium Garden

Anthurium Garden

PLANT ARRANGEMENT: Anthuriums are available in white, red and pink. We will choose the best available at the time you place your order. Assorted live plants and preserved botanic accents will be chosen to complement the feature anthurium.

LIGHT REQUIREMENT: Medium – best near an east window or filtered south window.

OVERALL DIMENSIONS: approx. 14″ht x 15″diam.

DECORATIVE CONTAINER AS PICTURED: 13″diam x 5″ht.  Material: lightweight, weathered concrete.

WATER: Keep your Anthurium Garden evenly moist but not too wet. It’s okay to let this combo go a little on the drier side before adding water.

CARE TIPS: Mist your garden once weekly with a light mixture of dish soap and water. The flowers of the Anthurium will fade after several weeks. Clip them off at the base of the flower stem as needed.

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