Plant Catalogue

Enhance your interior space with beautiful foliage and flowering plants at an affordable price…

NPK offers the full spectrum of interior plantscaping services from design to installation to maintenance. Our eco-conscious pest control methods and innovative design ideas can transform your office space and breathe life into your corporate environment.

Popular High Light Plants

Indoor plants are referred to in terms of light levels. High light interior plants prefer indoor spaces like atriums, skylights or windows with good light. High light plants (weeping fig, English ivy, schefflera,Ficus ) can usually be grown well in areas within four feet of large south, east, and west facing windows or glass doors. These plants would do best in a south or west window.  These plants need an environment with plenty of light, both natural and artificial in combination to help them grow properly.  The NPK Design Team will assist you in selecting the plants that will thrive in your office.

Popular Medium Light Plants

Medium light plants (African violet, Boston fern, dumb cane) are usually the ideal plant. They like light and can tolerate some direct light, but not a lot.  Better if placed within a range of four to eight feet from south and east windows or in eastern exposures,  but not receive direct sun.


Popular Low Light Plants

If your location requires low light plants (peace lily, heart-leaf philodendron, cast-iron plant) it is best if placed in areas more than eight feet from windows as in the center of a room, stair landings, a hallway or anywhere that doesn’t get direct sunlight. Even though a little light is required most artificial light locations can be suitable for low light plants.