Moss Walls

Nature without the hassle!

Bring greenery to your interior space with a lush wall of preserved moss or plants. Our studio team can design and customize a preserved green wall to fit any space. Preserved and moss walls are maintenance-free and can be designed to absorb sound. Vertical walls can be customized with a variety of natural materials or mixed with live and replica plants. Contact us for a free consultation and surround your space with nature!

Moss Walls

design moss walls
Our NPK horticultural design team will work with you to create a moss wall design that matches your aesthetics and will enhance your space. We work together to choose mosses and plants that will flourish and provide visual as well as mental stimulation. Our moss wall designs will bring a new life to your environment!

Moss Walls

install moss walls
Once we have completed the moss wall design process, we will install with ease. Our team is skilled at getting the job done in minimal time and with as little disruption to the normal flow of the space as possible.

Moss Walls

maintain interior plants

Once the moss wall design is installed, no care or maintenance is needed! NPK will dust and touch up the moss wall art as needed, and keep the moss wall art looking its best throughout its lifetime in your environment. Our horticulturists will ensure that your moss wall is always a piece of art!

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