Green Walls

Green walls are a wonderful way to infuse vibrancy and color into your space!

Green walls are living art pieces! Our plant walls are a fantastic way to incorporate art in a unique, modern way. Designed and installed by NPK, green walls are living art that reduce stress and liven up the work environment. The NPK team works with a variety of systems, such as trays, panels and more, to give you the most appropriate and effective solution for your individual space. Whether a built-in bio-wall complete with irrigation and lighting or a framed living art piece, green walls offer many benefits to those utilizing an office space.


Moss Walls

Nature without the hassle!


Living Plant Walls

Bringing art to life!

Benefits of Green Walls:

  • Improved productivity and sense of well-being
  • Reduced stress
  • Sound absorption
  • Temperature regulation
  • Added relative humidity
  • Living artwork

An NPK green wall is designed, installed and cared for by our team of horticulture professionals. We will carefully create a concept that fits your space, your aesthetic and the needs of the plants selected for the piece. When your living art piece is installed, we will maintain the plants so your green wall is green year round!

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