Design Excellence



Our design process is different than most.  Often, in order to communicate our plans to a client, it is necessary to provide them with detailed imaging, visual dimensions, or to-scale drawings of a planting design.


Our first, middle, and final step in any project is communication.  One thing we receive compliments about more than anything is our exceptional attention to communication throughout a project.  In order to get started on creating a design, we first must understand what the need is that we can fulfill.  Sometimes all that takes is a phone call, sometimes a site visit, and sometimes it can take weeks of exchanging inspiration images, speaking about the direction of the design, and sharing past projects for help in describing what we can do.  Of course budgets also play a large role in what can be accomplished.  Open and honest communication about budget limitations control for the danger of mismatched cost expectations.


Once we've established a goal, we can begin birds-eye views or scaled imaging.  The below is a collection of design graphics that can be very helpful when explaining a layout to a client.



The next step is creating photoshop imaging.  We do our best to imitate the final product's look, matching scale, colors, and shadows as closely as possible.  The below is a collection of images highlighting our attention to detail in photoshop work.



Once a new client is comfortable with the design and we feel confident in our ability to deliver, we work towards finalizing an agreement.  Our seasoned team of horticulturists schedules and completes complex installations on a regular basis, and thrives on a new challenge.  Don't hesitate to reach out today to schedule a walkthrough, discuss ideas for a green wall, or just talk about plants!