Bronze Award Faux Trees



This project is one for the books! Our team was approached with general plans for an office overhaul; the client requested artificial greenery, to curb maintenance costs.  Because of the coronavirus pandemic and its rippling effects on in-person interaction, every meeting with the client was conducted online.  We were not able to see the space in person before installation, so our client equipped us with renderings and schematics for the areas they wanted to have transformed by our services.

Our team tackled the project head on: a design was settled on and presented to the client, the faux trees were custom-built, and every detail was planned out in advance, making installation day run as smoothly as possible.

With faux material, it is important that every leaf and stem be placed perfectly, because the plant won't readjust itself.  The faux trees were color coded and planned out to the inch.  After sealing the planters to prevent soil damage, our team began tackling the assembly.

When working with faux plants, the touch up process is especially important.  Our installation experts worked with diligence and patience with the faux plant material, getting every piece placed, trimmed, and positioned to perfection.  When it comes to interior plantscaping, what you put in is what you get out.  Our team knows this and was not willing to cut corners.  NPK flawlessly executed this complex installation in a matter of hours.  

The transformation of the space into one resembling a natural environment was one of intense satisfaction.  The area, although clean and conventionally attractive beforehand, did not contain an essence of life in the way that it could have.  Our goal was to remove the cold, sterile feeling, and replace it with one of warmth, comfort, and connection with nature.  The final product combines many elements of biophilic design: the earthy silence of soil, the light floating song of greenery above, the sheltering haven of trees.  All these things work together to create a feeling of balance in the room, a calm place of grounded relaxation.

This project just goes to show that any space, regardless of size or light levels, can be improved by our team of horticultural experts!


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