Botanical Decor

Natural Accents

Add life where plants don’t normally grow!

Using preserved branches, mosses, foliage and fungi, NPK can liven up an office when living plants aren’t an option. Whatever the situation, our studio team can create unique art displays using natural materials that were once living and have been preserved at their peak. Unlike living displays, preserved plant designs are care-free and will outlive their green counterparts! Preserved plant displays are a fantastic way to incorporate natural art without the hassle.

Artificial Plants

No light, no problem!

When environmental factors in an office cannot keep interior plants alive, the NPK team can design an artificial display that brings the same sense of natural beauty into the office. Our designers hand select permanent botanicals to provide the most lifelike artificial greenery, shrubs and flowers in your space. Our artificial plant displays are designed to look and feel like living plants and will provide the same sense of calm and invigoration as our living options.



The choice for the greenery enthusiast!

Terrariums provide a microcosm of colorful life right on your tabletop! Our experienced creative team will put together a unique garden of assorted plant life to fit whatever space you have. These miniature greenhouses can be filled with succulents, preserved plants, branching elements, miniature ferns, flowering plants, and anything else the heart desires. Terrariums are a unique conversation piece that come with the added benefit of saving floor space!

View Examples of our Natural Accents

View Examples of our Artificial Plants

View Examples of our Terrariums

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