Our Pledge

Experience. Quality. Commitment.

NPK Associates Inc., provides horticultural services to commercial businesses, from advertising companies and law firms to building management corporations and hotels. One of NPK Associates Inc., strongest selling points is our ability to service our clients quickly and efficiently, without unnecessary channeling through managers and various divisions. We can’t stress this point enough.

We expect each member of our team to make every attempt to satisfy the requests of our clients, or at the very least, to notify our office so that another member of the organization can manage that request. Without this willingness to meet the expectations of our clients, we become no better than the larger interiorscape companies and lose our edge as a superior service company.

Whether it’s plant sales, or a rental or maintenance program, NPK Associates Inc., delivers fast, courteous service at an affordable price. Our track record is spectacular. We’re very proud of our service, the work we do for our clients and the dramatic value we deliver every day.

Our team of degreed horticultural specialists is ready to answer your questions and suggest the best material for your landscaping needs.

As a premier commercial interior landscaping company, NPK Associates, Inc. has been providing superior interior landscaping services to the Chicago area since 1985.

NPK offers a full range of services including interior landscape design, interior foliage plant rentals, interior foliage plant maintenance service, and interior plant rental services. We also offer exterior container gardening and holiday decorating services.

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