2023 Gold Award for Green Wall Design

Green Wall Design

In late 2022, a metropolitan area nature museum began construction of a sustainability center. The exhibit was intended to bring climate impact awareness to the community, as well as provide a resource for newcomers wishing to learn more about the individual’s impact on sustainability worldwide.  The museum was eager to explore the concept of preserved moss walls in their space. Preserved moss can be sourced, harvested, and processed sustainably, and can make a large visual impact on the room. The museum was interested in options for their drop ceilings and a wall within the space.

Our design team put together visual renderings for the museum, to start the conversation around design. Our ideas introduced a variety of elements, including a “Forest Floor” design, “Waves”, and a “Riverbed”. All design directions were curated to reflect an aspect of the exhibit, as well as provide a softening of the space.  The museum was pleased with our designs, and selected the “Forest Floor”. The agreement was approved, the initial deposit was collected, and supplies were ordered. Two weeks later, we were notified that the client wanted to move things in a new direction on the wall, and introduced the idea of natural lichen. Our team shifted gears towards this new approach, and began providing design revisions to the client.

Due to budget limitations, the original concept for the sustainability center had to be modified, and elements were cut out of the final plan. Thankfully, the museum realized the value of the moss as a feature piece and a final design was approved. The concept was clear: we were to create the appearance of a lush bed of forest floor moss, with all the gentle fades and irregular edges that one would find in nature.  Supplies to begin the project had been ordered as soon as we received client approval. However, the production team was met with delays in shipping. Customs held our materials for an extended period of time. However, our production team immediately got to work when they arrived, recreating the imaging with a combination of wallpaper, stiff felt, and hundreds of precision cuts. Our studio crew was challenged in new ways, to create moss panels that could be hung upside down, and to create a feathered edge on the wall. ByNature, our moss supplier, was an irreplaceable help during this process. They provided all preserved moss varieties and exceptional customer service.

While we were in the early stages of production, a site visit was necessary, to test our moss ceiling tiles, ensuring they would sit securely and remain in place without maintenance long term.


Installation day went off without a hitch, thanks to the careful planning of our design and studio teams. Sizing, placement, and application were taken into account prior to installation day, and detailed plans made for a smooth process on site.  The vision became a reality; the sustainability exhibit was set to open in just a few days, and their moss wall installations were complete! Dignitaries from the state and city attended the unveiling. The end result was impactful. The moss panels overhead blanketed the room with a grounded calm. The searching moss on the wall looked to be reaching for the light, growing before one’s eyes.


Our team couldn’t be more proud to have been a part of this powerful display. We hope the museum continues their mission, and our moss becomes a part of their story. As they strive to reach every soul that walks their halls, our preserved moss installation will be there, to tell of lush forest floors far beyond the city.

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