2021 Bronze Award Winner for Biophilic Design

Marriott Hotel Pool

This was another beautiful re-invigoration of a previously-dismal space.  NPK was approached with a request to overhaul this pool area, and on a tight budget.  As with any project, when working with extreme humidity levels, there are limits to what can be done.  When you add onto that the client wanting to be conservative with funds, the project can seem impossible.  Our team pays that no mind! We approached the design with these things in mind, along with the limited light levels in the pool area.  We were able to supply the room with a new sense of life, pick plant varieties that would hold up under the intense humidity and low light levels, and stay within the clients budget.  The addition of birch poles added the height needed to fill the space, and the overlay of river rocks added to the soothing feeling of the design.  Overall, it was a resounding success!