2021 Bronze Award Winner for Biophilic Design

Corporate Office Artificial Plantscaping Design

This project is one for the books! Our team was approached with general plans for an office overhaul; the client requested artificial greenery, to curb maintenance costs.  Our team tackled the project head on: a garden design was settled on and presented to the client, the faux trees were custom-built, and every detail was planned out in advance, making installation day very smooth.  The entire installation was completed in a single morning, thanks to proactive planning and our expert crew.  When working with faux material, it is important that every leaf and stem be placed perfectly, as the plant won't readjust itself.  Our team flawlessly executed this complex installation in a matter of hours.  This project just goes to show that any space, regardless of size or light levels, can be improved by our team of horticultural experts!

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