2019 Gold Award Special Event and Holiday

Winter Wonderland

Transforming an indoor tropical oasis in the dead of winter into a vivid holiday scene took our small team hours of design and installation. The entire display must be installed in two phases, the first on the day after Thanksgiving to allow our client’s employees a bright welcome back to the holiday season. And the second, to add an additional surprise reveal for the ‘Winter Wonderland’ company-wide holiday party, complete with a scene for Santa! A large fountain that is usually the center of the atrium gets covered with a platform and houses a miniature forest of decorated artificial trees in sizes ranging from 7ft to 12ft tall. 22 planted Ficus Alii trees in the surrounding planting beds are wrapped with thousands of lights to brighten the atrium and festively accent the entire space. Our team carefully wraps each trunk so as to not damage the branches of the living trees and works in teams, with the person on the ladder each having a designated spotter, to safely achieve this goal. The vignettes set up throughout the space further add to the design with flocked trees, lighted spheres and snow scenes. This white and icy blue wonderland with bright red accents are carried throughout all the rooms, tying the whole design together.