2017 Platinum Award Winner for Horticultural Service

Wonderful Winter Garden

This atrium is the centerpiece of a sizable laboratory and headquarters of a large Chicago-based company. The client has a particular interest in growing mint in the winter garden as it is a staple of their product line. Growing mint indoors raises many challenges.  The light levels and budgetary constraints minimizing the use of supplemental lighting have led to a stressed and disease susceptible crop. As the site of a food-based laboratory, the client is sensitive to air quality and pest control which have been successfully maintained with the strategic use of biological and organic pest controls satisfying the guidelines laid out by the client.

The integrity of the original design has been preserved by continued use of plants originating from the continent featured in each of the four beds, including blooming rotations.  After inheriting this location from another company, the garden appearance has been improved by upgrading these plants to ones more resistant to pests and disease.