2016 Platinum Award Winner for Design and Installation

Oncology Center Garden Room

We are thrilled and honored to announce that NPK Associates, Inc. has been recognized as a Platinum Award winner in 2 categories at this year’s International Plantscape Awards by AmericanHort

NPK was awarded for excellence in both the design and installation categories for our Oncology Center Garden room project installed in the fall of 2015. The Platinum Award is achieved by earning more than 90% of the total judging category points.

Design:  Our design team led by Leah Rogers developed the vision of transforming a hydrotherapy room into a large terrarium. For a Zen-like aspect, Leah designed a dry riverbed using two contrasting colors and sizes of stone. Planting areas were created by using stacked layers of Eden Stone to establish walls of varying heights. Plant varieties were chosen to accent the details of the garden room and soften the hard edges of the building’s view to the outside as patients are receiving their treatments.

Installation: Our installation manager Leif Dykstra led our crew of installers to complete the designer’s vision. In order to keep the level of pathogens to a minimum for the needs of oncology patients, we were asked to keep the amount of soil to a minimum. This challenge was met by keeping the plants individually potted, but we successfully finished off the design to give the impression of a fully planted garden bed. The installation crew completed the garden room with over 150 plants in a small space to create a soothing, horticulturally therapeutic environment for patients while maintaining the necessary features for their health and well-being.

Additionally, we would like to thank Lucas Kibbon and Walsh Construction for selecting NPK Associates, Inc. as the plantscape contractor for this exciting and rewarding project. Special thanks to Clarence Davids and Co. for their assistance with the hardscape portion of the installation.

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