Tying Up – Intern Blog

I know I’m not the only one who hates loose ends.


I’ve covered this topic in previous intern blog posts about how frustrating it is to want a project to be done because you’re so excited to have others see it. It was another one of those weeks.

Last week, Leah and I filmed a video on how to prune and pinch plants so they are able to grow and be healthy. The filming went well, minus the sound difficulties, but the editing was crazy!

After a whole week of attempting to edit the video using my Asus, I decided to suck it up and return to where I learned all of my editing techniques: Macbook Pro. After a much easier time reducing the background noise from downtown Chicago and stringing the videos together to create a fluid sequence, we’re on our way to publishing! After a few edits later this week our first video blog will be published!

Now, with only a few weeks left, I’ll be focusing on creating content for long term projects. Everything from newsletters to future blogs will be written in these weeks and it’ll be exciting to have a vault of material to choose from when continuing our publicity for NPK.

This week will be focused on that and a very exciting collaboration with Rose Pest Control! Rose Pest Control is in the process, with NPK, of installing a display to promote pollinator health. Yes, they are an exterminator company that wants to encourage bugs! Bugs do not always equal unwanted pests. NPK knows insects and other “pests” contribute to the health of plants and are excited to join Rose Pest Control in promoting this around the Chicago area.

We’ve also had an addition to our Meet the Team page! If you didn’t have the chance to take a look last week, you can do so here: meet the team blog

So, while I’m tying up the ends of projects here and there to prepare for the final internship projects at NPK, be sure to check in and see what we’re publishing week to week!