Solid – Intern Blog

I keep thinking about how plant-less my life is going to be in two short weeks. On my desk is a Janet Craig, poor thing probably needs to be watered some more. On the side of me is a ponytail palm, which I stare at constantly because it’s so different. I walk into the warehouse and I feel like I’m on the set of Jurassic Park, tropical plants are literally tripping me when I walk to the office.

Although no one could say that I was blessed with a green thumb, I’m considering keeping the plant aspect alive in my house. As bad as I am for caring for them when they’re my own – my parents never allowing me to have a dog makes so much sense to me now – I think not having the greenery around me would be too sad.

Week by week, I have a different involvement with the plant side of the business. Sometimes I’m really hands on with service technicians and installations, other times I can just be found behind my computer screen under piles of notebooks and coffee cups.

I think this week, although mostly at the desk, had a good amount of plant influence – even if it mostly consisted of just writing about plants.

I’ve written 3, now 4, blog posts this week. And I’m loving it because for the official NPK Blog I want them to be like mini articles, so being able to write blogs for NPK that have detailed quotes and references is awesome and is also helping me to sharpen my journalistic experience.

I finished a large blogging project this week on NPK’s collaboration with Rose Pest solutions to promote pollinator health. I interviewed our contact at Rose and a few coworkers at NPK to help describe why pollinators are so important to our environment. You can check out the blog and pictures here:

Design work has been big this week as well. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ll be sending out quarterly newsletters and an announcement postcard about Meet the Team and our social media pages. So this week has been spent fine tuning the content but also designing the templates that will be sent out. Not using an Adobe product for layout designs is so foreign to me, but I’m happy with the product we’re creating. Gaining these new skills is incredibly important to me. I also just spelled incredibly wrong probably four times, so maybe the next software I need to be trained on will involve enhancing my spelling.

Two more weeks as an intern are left and they will be filled with blogs, content writing and enjoying all of the plants around me as much as I can. Which reminds me, I can’t forget to water Janet Craig…

Enjoy the blog post and look for more to come!