Low Bowl Floral Arrangements

NPK’s lovely low bowl arrangements create rich centerpieces for tables that do not block sight lines but still provide a welcoming environment.

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Tasteful take on Mardi Gras bowl with deep plum and purple pops within a bed a bright green and white.
Low Bowl Arrangement with Deep Red Mokara Orchids, Bronze Mums, and Rich Plum Alstromeria
Wintry Arrangement with Pops of Succulent Flair
Bowl Arrangement with Bright Pink Protea highlighted by Green Cymbidium Orchid and Ti Leaf Loops
Spring Arrangement with Bright Yellows, Pale Pinks, Deep Purples and Lush White Mums
Bells of Ireland rise above a bowl arrangement in various tones of green, white, and blue for a festive St. Paddy's Day arrangement.