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Each week with NPK seems to teach me a little bit more about myself than I originally knew.

1. I now know the difference between hydrangeas and peonies.

2. There are many different variations of trees. Like, variations within a variation. I kind of wish I had been in Girl Scouts now… do they do that kind of thing?

3. Well, this isn’t new, but I still really love design work.

4. Doing magazine layouts on anything but a Mac can be very trying to one’s patience.

5. I may think making a weekly plan will help to execute everything I want, but being in a real business instead of in classes means changing it up at the drop of a hat and honestly… I really like that.

This week was especially the kind of week where you think that you’re going to get a,b, and c completed but you really end up executing a task list that you weren’t particularly planning.

Just like last week, along with my internship work, I spent time joining coworkers to work alongside them with their assigned task for the day. While it’s definitely pushed me out of my element, seeing as how my previous knowledge of plants is very basic, it’s become eye opening and taught me more than just plants but how business itself works.

Working in the studio this week was definitely one of the cooler experiences I’ve had so far just because I love designing and creating ideas. Having a large workplace and lots of resources really fuels that because what creative doesn’t love the idea of being able to use just about anything within reach as a medium? My co worker, Leah, and I put together a couple different pieces – a few for different accounts and a couple for the expo we’ll be in later this week. After working with Leah, I joined Charlie to help around the warehouse. This internship may offer a lot of knowledge, experience and opportunities but they didn’t let me know one of the other prime points – I will definitely not need to purchase a gym membership during my time here in Chicago.

NPK had its company outing the past week which sent all of us to Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Il. So cool to walk through trails and see all different kinds of life on a really beautiful day. While the strong suit here might not be reading a map, we pulled through and managed to see a lot of what the arboretum had to offer.

Now, I’ll be working on finishing up for the expo at the end of this week. With slideshow and iPad magazine in hand, we’ll be ready to take on the plant world come Thursday.

Stick around to see all that’s to come. But, as always, be sure to follow us @npkplantscape on both Twitter and Instagram – Like us on Facebook, too!

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