MIKE (2)

What I Do: Vice President/Co-owner, oversees Operations including service and installation.

A Little About Me: A world traveler, a yogi, and a dedicated ice cream lover, Mike has a well-rounded background to lend to NPK. Mike attended Michigan State University, a mere 100 or so miles from his hometown of Monroe, Michigan, where he studied ornamental horticulture. Although born in Connecticut, Mike’s Michigan upbringing led him to the best school in the Big 10 then onto founding NPK Associates with Judy in 1985. Mike has climbed Machu Picchu Mountain, gone scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef and rock-climbing in southern Thailand. He can speak Spanish and French, although poorly, but enough for him to find a bathroom, a train or to just irritate native speakers. His favorite plant is the Mimosa paudica, also known as ‘Touch Me Not’, which he likes simply for the amusement that he can, in fact, touch it.

I Like: Ice cream, travel, real books – NOT ebooks, good red wine, Chicago, gardening, and yoga.

Talk to Me About: Business operations, installing plants, caring for plants, Ficus pruning.