A Little of This, A Little of That

This summer’s common theme: something brand new every single week.

I found a brand new way to get to work that takes me under an hour but requires me to wake up two hours earlier. But, if that means I can dodge sitting in my car for hours then I’m okay with it. I’ve also decided to take up a new hobby called riding a bike which is something I haven’t done in years, but I’m not quite sure how that will play out since just riding in your car in Chicago can be terrifying, let alone on a bike. In the open. On a three lane street.

But what’s new in the world of my internship is that it’s safe to say that I have officially spent a day in every facet of the company! I had been out to service accounts with the service technicians, had gone to install plants with the installation crew – I’d even worked in the warehouse and within the studio. But this week, I infiltrated them all.

I began working on an account in the suburbs with Anna, taking pictures and details of the plants and how Anna cares for them. Each member of the NPK team handles their job differently, and it’s nice to see how everyone handles everything from plants to clients in their personal way. Middle of the week was spent with Leah, accompanying her on sales calls and working with her as she worked up a potential quote for the client. Then, finally, I worked alongside the installation manager, Leif, where we took the giant NPK truck out into Rosemont to bring new plants to accounts.

Working with Leif was one of the best parts of my hands-on NPK experience because it meant really being able to interact with their clients. We were going out to these accounts because there were things there that a client didn’t want, or because it was time for a new rotation. They really seemed to enjoy what NPK does and that was really great to see.

I’ve finally finished the biographies of each member of the staff! Those will be up on the website by the start of next week. For now I’ll just have the obstacle of getting everyone to let me take their picture.

This week will have a lot going on – starting an email service, grand opening event, and a whole brand new installation at our Whole Foods account.

Time to get started!

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