What I Do: Installation Manager directing and implementing all non-service operations.

A Little About Me: A graduate of Western Michigan University and a serious West Michigan native, Leif came to NPK Associates due to his love of working with nature and enjoyment of Chicago. Leif has a been there, done it all resume; once a muffin baker, a mason, a carpenter, a landscaper, an office worker, and a graphic designer. Leif credits getting married and having a child to be his craziest accomplishment and biggest life goal. His list of hobbies include bicycle and computer building, along with brewing beer, and his favorite plants are Birch and Cypress trees as well as Ferns.

I Like: Daughter and wife, bad movies, music of many varieties, a good single-malt scotch, craft beer, cycling, guitar, and cooking.

Talk to Me About: Installing plants, when to replace plants, what to replace plants with.