What I Do: Sales Representative focusing on plantscape design for offices and exterior containers while also working closely with the holiday displays.

A Little About Me: A southerner in a foreign land, Leah traveled to NPK Associates from Birmingham, Alabama. Leah earned a bachelor’s degree at Auburn University in Landscape Horticulture and, loving it so much, stayed on at Auburn to complete her Masters of Agriculture certificate in Public Horticulture. A background in floral design led her to NPK, which happens to be one of her biggest hobbies. The craziest thing Leah has done so far is survived a Chicago winter being a born and bred Alabama girl. She loves reading, can speak a little bit of French, and her favorite plants are the Oak Leaf Hydrangea and the Ficus Lyrata.

I Like: Flowers, old and antique books, concerts, being on the beach, naps, squash casserole, and Auburn football.

Talk to Me About: Plant needs, holiday décor, quoting for a company, and floral design.