Orchids are Elegant Decorations

Orchids are a symbol of love and beauty for their sheer elegance and fascination. There is a huge variety to choose from. They can die when they sit in a waterlogged pot and the frequency of watering depends on the type of orchid, light, container and temperature. Orchids aren’t as difficult to care for as you think. Bright light and increased water and fertilizer can result in rapid growth, providing that all cultural elements are kept in balance. Providing ample light is essential for good orchid culture and orchid has its own optimal range of light. Discover the orchid care secrets and growing technique from the pros.

Flowering Plants – Orchids

Pink Cymbidium Orchids
Pink Cymbidium

Yellow Cymbidium Orchids
Yellow Cymbidium

Yellow Oncidium
Yellow Oncidium

Purple Phalaenopsis
Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid

White Phalaenopsis Arrangement
White Phalaenopsis Arrangement

Cymbidium Bowl