What I Do: Plant service technician servicing multiple accounts downtown.

A Little About Me: Healing the Earth and loving gardening led Christian to NPK Associates. A student of the University of Illinois at Chicago in Gender and Women’s Studies, Christian has many goals ahead. Hoping to obtain a PhD in Art Therapy and one day travel the world, this native Chicagoan has a background to support his dreams. Once a museum docent at the Jane Adams Hull-House museum, as well as being trilingual, if poorly, in Filipino/Tagalong, French and English, he is ready to go. Christian’s favorite plant is lavender which he may see a lot while partaking in one of his favorite activities, exploring the city.

I Like: A good joke, napping in nature-y areas, sleeping in general, cooking, running, arts, and museums.

Talk to Me About: Plant care, treating plants as individuals with unique needs, how singing to plants helps stimulate positive plant health, politics.