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It might not be a typical work week if a few changes aren’t made to the schedule. This week stayed very true to that – it was a balance of adjustments.

The beginning of the week was filled with preparation for the property maintenance expo that NPK was scheduled to attend for Thursday and Friday. We still had some project work to do for the lead sign which meant navigating around downtown Chicago for craft shops. With ideas stemming from just about every medium we passed, my coworker Leah and I headed back to the studio with cut out letters and twine in hand. After attempting to create a leader from the twine, our idea became a no go. Which, what a lesson in not just creativity but how it truly is to work for a company. In classes, we use our creativity and run with it hoping that it results in the 4.0 we’re aiming for (or at least close). But in business, your creativity has to include plan a, plan b, and at least 10 more after that. It’s amazing how quickly you think up new ideas to roll with when it means something as important as keeping an account or ensuring that whatever your working on will gain positive reviews.

Anyway, no twine. Then, after taking a breather to think of new directions to take, we received an email detailing the postponement of the expo. Disappointing but also, more time! Time can either be a blessing or a curse for creatives, but in this case I’d lean with a blessing.

This past week I also worked on fine tuning the content for the NPK biographies of each member of our staff which will be out by the end of this week . Writing up 14 features is not an easy task! Especially when each person has such distinctive personalities – it’s always important to stay true to that.

Public relations is full of these little collaborations. Within my own company I collaborate with each person to ensure that I’m depicting NPK like they view it and they work with me to also use the social media instruments to show their side. With the outside world, I collaborate with other media specialists to correctly make the changes that are needed, like website design.

That’s one of the biggest lessons to take from this experience so far – you can do nothing truly successful without collaborating with those around you and those who may be able to lend you a helping hand. Also, I have my own desk and desk plant now. So collaboration is going to come in handy to keep her alive.

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