What I Do: Service Technician maintaining interior landscape in office buildings as well as the Wrigley Atrium.

A Little About Me: A lover of outdoor activities, Alicia is right at home here in her native Chicago. After studying Liberal Arts at University of Illinois at Chicago, Alicia came to NPK Associates to gain training in the horticulture field. Alicia completed a marathon in 2014, adding it to her list of cool achievements – one, most notably, includes being on stage with the Flaming Lips. She is bilingual in English and Spanish, which came in handy when she worked as a phone psychic, and her favorite plant is the Ficus Lyrata.

I Like: Sushi, going to concerts, reading, biking, long walks on the beach in Miami, and bowling.

Talk to Me About: How to care for atrium plants, plants, plant maintenance, how NPK can help with the right plants for your office.